Nutrition TeamĀ 

Nutrition Team Goals

Goal: Select evidence based nutritional programs to increase healthier eating in 10-14 year olds in Liberty by 2017.

Objective 1: Identify three nutrition priorities to focus on in the next year.

Nutrition Priorities Selected:

  1. Increase fruit and vegetable consumption from 50% of students eating them 4+ times a week to 75%, 4+ times a week in Liberty Middle School Students by December 2017.
  2. By December 2017, Liberty School District will raise awareness among 100% of their buildings of the certain selected School Wellness Policies.
  3. Increase daily water consumption from 68% to 75% in students by 2017.

Objective 2: Research evidence based programs that pertain to each nutrition priority identified. (work in progress)

Objective 3: Decide how and what health outcomes will be measured to determine change.